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2019 Dec 16th 15:00(JST)
2019 Dec 18th 15:00(JST)

CONTRACT SERVANT - CARD GAME - is a trading card game that runs on Ethereum, a platform made up of distributed applications and smart contracts.
Players are free to trade cards (Servants) online, and the blockchain monitors irregularities.
Game elements like battles outside of the Marketplace and upgrades are conducted off-chain for a user-friendly game environment.

*Off-chain refers to partial processing of transactions and payments outside of the blockchain.
This enables lower costs and faster processing by recording only the start and end of each in the blockchain.

■Gather Servants
The Servants available on the MARKET hold countless mysteries.
Unlock those mysteries and select the perfect Servant!

■Create New Servants
Try blending two Servants to create entirely-new types of Servants of your own!

■Build the Ultimate Deck
Assemble a carefully-balanced deck of eight cards from around or over 1 trillion, 254.4 billion possible Servants!

Take on rivals with your own personal deck!
Create a deck from multitudes of Servants, and triumph over your rivals as you fight to become the strongest.
CONTRACT SERVANT will test your insight into true value, as well as your deck building wits!

*Register on PlayDApp to get one Common Servant as a present!
■ 【Important Notice】
With regard to the contract Servant, it was planned to correspond to the invitation and P point function,
I am sorry to say that I will be able to see you off.
Thank you for your understanding.
We apologize for any inconvenience caused to our customers

▼△▼ Presales information ▼△▼
2019 Dec 18th 15:00(JST)
Presale for limited time!Let's get a beautiful limited servant that can only be obtained here!
Limited servant is a servant token with special skills that has limited issue count.
※ I will sell it in the Dutch auction format gradually decreasing from the decided price.

■ Change of contents of pre-sale
① Focus on UX
Regarding the provision of LVMAX, degree of evolution MAX previously, we focused on the fun to train and the UX design which can fully feel the growth feeling through training, and we will change the specification to 1 for both degree of evolution and LV We have changed.

② Sales at low price
In order to make it easy for you to participate, we set the initial price of the limited servant to be low at presales.
We designed to increase the asset value of the card purchased by the pre-sale through participation in the game by lowering the price and participating in more people.

■Presale Advantages
① You can purchase a limited servant of presale.
② Limited servants can be purchased at prices that are affordable even for light users.
③A limited servant has powerful special skill that can proceed favorably with battle, and a starting rush is possible at the time of release.

Updated on January 11,2019