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Good Luck 3 Inc.

・Japan’s first Blockchain Game(※1)
・Enhanced cuteness in appearance and animation.
・For beginners
※1 Japanese corporation product.  Through original research.

Simply put, Crypt-Oink is a simulation game where you can raise mysterious creatures called “Crypton” that can be traded, purchased, or sold.

We are planning many future updates for Crypton that will both improve usability and playability.
Our next large update centers around a brand new Race Game feature where users may pit their Crypton against other owners’ Crypton in derby style Crypton Racing!

◆Crypt-Oink’s Appeal
With numerous games already popping up in the Blockchain space, its important to show our differences. The following are a few points of differentiation.

① 3D Characters
Enhanced cuteness in appearance and animation.

② Endless variety
When a user becomes a Crypton owner, they can breed and bring forth new Crypton with undiscovered or rare traits. While Crypton are without gender, there’s tons of variation in color and patterns. Over 3.6 trillion Crypton exists, waiting to be discovered!
Further focusing on graphics we designed numerous decorations for various areas of the body. Each with their own set or realistic motions.

③For beginners
It’s important to us that Crypton are easy on the eyes but also easy to understand, for via Crypt-Oink we want those who know little about the Crypto world to have a fun way to get started!
We even went as far to create a Manga (japanese comic) which breaks down the elements of Crypt-Oink in an easily understandable and fun format.

◆How to Enjoy Crypton
・Breed new Crypton just as you imagined
Crypton will retain traits that either of their parents had.
Crypton can vary in appearance from looking like their own parents to even having new a
unique looking features. Your own imagination is the limit!

・Try to gather all sorts of different traits
From cute to cool, there are countless types of traits available in Crypton.
Users can collect unique colors, items, clothes, and much much more!

・Trade Crypton with other users
Crypton utilizes cryptocurrency which allows for easy and quick trading with any user.

◆Android Version
※Only Android5.1 and up are supported.

◆Web Browser Version
PC: A wallet plugin is required when playing Crypton on PC. Crypton has been tested to work on Chrome using the MetaMask plugin.
Mobile: A wallet browser is required when playing Crypton via a mobile device.
Crypton has been tested to work with 「CoinBase Wallet」「Indie Square」「Token Pocket」「Qurage」.