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My Crypto Heroes

double jump.tokyo inc.

My Crypto Heroesの詳細画像
‘My Crypto Heroes’(MCH) is a HTML5 game for smartphones and PC featuring blockchain technology.
MCH is a quick and casual worker-placement RPG.
Collect and train historical Heroes of the world, get special and legendary items into your to equip, compose the ultimate unbeatable team formations and challenge epic battles to conquer the crypto world !
My Crypto Heroesのプレセール画像
In the crowd-sale, we will sell Legendary 5 types, Epic 5 types, Rare 5 types,totaly 15 kinds of heroes at ETH.
All heroes are limited sale only for crowd-sale.
The amount of 50% ETH used to purchase heroes in the croed-sale will be refunded by GUM.
Do not miss this opportunity!

▼Campaign with PlayDApp starts!▼

In commemoration of My Crypto Heroes Cloud Sales
A joint campaign of PlayDApp x MCH is held!

For those who previously registered My Crypto Heroes with PlayDApp
For 50 people by lottery "Hanzo Hattori" (rare class) Gifts.

MCH is the only ninja rare limited hero with no plans for general sale.
Register and get it with PlayDApp!