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Platinum Egg Inc.

CryptoDerby is DAPPS 2.0, the second generation block chain game.

We are solving current blockchain game issues

· Too slow transaction
· Low Graphics Quality
· Low game users
· Low game design

We were continuously developing and trying to solve these issues, and our product had receive high praise.

We will release it as a step higher than the previous block chain game such as rise in quality graphics and users, rise in asset value in the game, comfortable game play and so on.

And we direct to be e-sports game! in the future!!

And we are strong and good team for publish to all oversea area, cowork with Japan, USA, China, Macau, Hong Kong and Taiwan team!
Core development team have over 20 year experience for game development business in Japan.

Our progress is on the twitter

Players can train racehorses, buy and sell, train !, breed !, breed! And of course race! In the online space.
The race horse data and the race result are written on the block chain and the results of the horse you raised and the race are permanently left on the block chain!

★ Make the best race horse!
Various parameters and talents are allocated to the racehorse, and they are inherited.
Make the best racehorse and enter the Hall of Fame.
You may sell racehorses, rent them for breeding, or keep them for yourself. Please enjoy variously.

★ Win in the top competition!
There are course races in the game, and there are various grades for that race.
Make the best show in the best race!

★ Become a book maker!
Users can also hold races in the game and receive the fee.
Become bookmaker, aim for the best entertainer!

★ Become a legendary breeder!
The horse you created will remain on-line as ERC 721 token. It is also 721 token so you can own it yourself.
You can nurture a famous horse riding horse, put it on a race, and enjoy the pleasure of owning the horse.

★ Become a millionaire!

There are various in-game assets, currencies called APX, horses, and various other assets in the game.
Collecting them and forming assets in the game is also one way of enjoying the game.

The horserace market in Japan is so big market, more than 30 billion USD per year.
Increasing user assets is also an important element of the game as a block chain game, and it is also important that the mother population is wide.
Japan is the country where horse racing is the most popular in the world. Also the game industry is active.
Domestic horse racing fans are estimated as 8 million people, the potential horseracing game users are quite large, and there have been many titles of hit titles in horse racing games ever.
We aim at the best horse racing game in the block chain game. I will go to take the world from Japan, so please support me!
- Presale
At our presale, we will sale our premium horse, and to open airdrop.
Each horse has a different parameters, skills and body appearance.
You can choose your horse.

-Merit for presale participant

Some of these horse have especially good skills.
And by our caliculated and good game design, these skills will remain only few horses, not so expand. This is really premium skils and gene.
And for the release date, you can win and play the game by having good horses. It is good advantage for you, if you play this game.